Downtown Rising is a nexus between public and private interests in advancing community goals for Utah's urban center. Downtown stakeholders commit to unfinished projects from the original Downtown Rising vision as we identify new priorities for Utah's Capital City and celebrate 10 years of development in downtown Salt Lake City. Throughout the last decade Salt Lake City has seen a significant increase in development, from City Creek Center to 111 Main, these and other developments have played a crucial role in improving the vibrancy of downtown. The Downtown Alliance is proud to take part in making downtown Salt Lake City a better place to live, work, and play. 


Downtown Salt Lake City is Utah's center for innovation and prosperity. Dynamic, welcoming and green - our Capital City belongs to everyone. 

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Vestar turns to public art to enliven Gateway

The Gateway’s reputation for beige monolithic architecture may soon just be a memory.  Some residents may have been disappointed when Vestar, the mixed-use center’s new owners, began repainting the buildings with neutral grays and whites, seeing it as more of the same bland palate.  But according, Bergendi Hatch the creative director at Vestar, the neutral colors were selected to serve as a blank canvas for one of Utah’s largest public art initiatives in state history.

“The Gateway is becoming much more experience driven with a focus on community and entertainment,” said Hatch.

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Salt Lake City officially has a transit master plan

Salt Lake City officially has it’s first-ever Transit Master Plan.  On Tuesday, the Salt Lake City Council unanimously adopted the plan the plan after an intensive three-year public process.

“This is a big deal for Salt Lake City to have a transit master plan,” said Council member Erin Mendenhall.  “Let’s get this done and figure out some funding to make this thing happen.”

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City Council finalizes plans to spend $17 million on housing

In one of its final actions with outgoing council members Stan Penfold and Lisa Adams, the Salt Lake City Council decided how to best spend $17.6 million set aside to address the city’s affordable housing crisis.

On Tuesday, the council acting as the board of directors for the city’s redevelopment agency (RDA), approved a budget amendment that will redistribute money to fund two new programs created to incentivize the development of affordable units and fund the redevelopment of several city-owned properties.

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