Long Term Objectives

(5+ Years)


Housing Development for All

Downtown needs focused residential investment beyond market rate units in order to sustain a diverse, mixed-income neighborhood and continue to attract a healthy workforce and households of all ages, incomes and household sizes. To be truly successful as a neighborhood, downtown must have housing for singles, couples and families.

Homeless Services

Downtown Rising supports Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County’s collective efforts to address homelessness in our community. This issue is an economic and moral challenge, but our state is better prepared than most to find systemic and collaborative solutions including mental health care, job training, substance abuse treatment and new investment in affordable housing. It will take a concerted effort at all levels of government, working with private and philanthropic leaders to find solutions to this issue.

“Our city has taken the lead in providing emergency shelters for our state. All stakeholders must come together to ensure that we have adequate, affordable housing, treatment options and a long-term strategic plan not just to provide emergency shelter, but also to prevent people from becoming homeless in the first place.”
- Jackie Biskupski, Salt Lake City Mayor