Medium Term Objectives

(3-5 Years)


Sports and Fitness Center

Ranked among the healthiest and most family-friendly cities in the nation, Salt Lake City enjoys impressive outdoor recreation opportunities that lead the right from the urban center to the Wasatch Front. These outdoor assets should be complimented by a world-class sports and fitness center for the growing number of families and people who live, work and play downtown. This important public space includes a public gymnasium with swimming pools, tennis courts, basketball courts, running tracks and signature elements to celebrate Utah’s outdoor heritage.


Digital Media and Arts Center

Downtown is home to several independent film, mixed media and art organizations that help to shape the urban center’s identity as a regional destination for arts, culture and entertainment. Downtown Rising is committed to building a world-class facility that will support these organizations and create a unique combination of entrepreneurship, art, and educational opportunities in downtown for generations to come.

“Art elevates our society and defines who we are as a culture. Downtown is the center of Utah’s artistic offerings. A critical element of our progress as an urban center will be based on the investment and commitment we make to support artists and performers, who elevate our lives, contribute to our society and improve our economy.”
- Diane Stewart Owner, Modern West Fine Arts


Downtown School

Downtown’s dynamic employment and residential growth requires additional educational options for employees and families looking to live and work in Utah’s urban center. Downtown currently lacks K-8 opportunities – creating challenges for young families and limiting key demographic growth. Downtown Rising will look for innovative ways to build a school that can serve these growing populations.


Pioneer Park Investment

Named for Mormon settlers who established Salt Lake City, Pioneer Park is a 10-acre plot of land that has been a key public space in the community since the 19th century. Downtown Rising embraces a bold plan to invest in infrastructure improvements and a public-private management structure that will make this park one of Utah’s finest green spaces.


“Significant investments call for significant returns. Additional spending on Pioneer Park must do more than maintain the status quo - a park that is deeply engaging when it’s programmed and deeply troubled when it’s not."
- Bryson Garbett, President & CEO Garbett Homes