Join us for a 2-day event as we reimagine and reinvigorate Library Square!

The Salt Lake City Library today is a stunningly unique piece of architecture that has come to represent the beauty and elegance that is Salt Lake City. Next year will be the downtown Library’s 15th anniversary. Since its completion the Salt Lake City Library has received an immense amount of praise and numerous awards. Today Library Square, and its adjoining blocks, create a Civic Campus that houses numerous festivals, parades, and events. However, the Square often sits empty and unused. It is to this end that we invite YOU to join us in reimagining and reinvigorating this Civic Campus.

We will begin this re-envisioning process with a brief presentation in the Library Auditorium, outline goals for the evening, and provide a few instructions for participation.

On the following evening of June 15th, there will be a presentation of the community’s feedback and expert recommendations for maximizing the value of this public asset.


June 14th | 6:30PM - 9PM | Public Charrette

  • Begins in the Main Library Auditorium
  • Followed by the Charrette 

June 15th | 6:30PM - 8:30PM | Presentation 

  •  The final presentations of findings and recommendations will be in the Leonardo Auditorium