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Library Square Presentation and Final Report

Scope of Work

Salt Lake City’s Civic Campus is a key district in downtown Salt Lake City. The Civic Campus itself is two and half City blocks that currently house the City & County Building, Salt Lake City’s Main Library, the Leonardo Center, and the Salt Lake City Public Safety Building. The blocks also include significant open space amenities and are connected through a central pedestrian walkway.

The central, connecting block of the Civic Campus is Library Square. Library Square is home to the Moshe Safdie designed main library – considered a signature building for downtown Salt Lake City. Library Square is also home to the Leonardo Center in the library’s former home. The block also has a plaza, fountains and greenspace.

In order to best understand how programming and activation could build upon the successful Library Square, the Downtown Alliance, The Urban Land Institute and Salt Lake City will form a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP). This panel will consist of experts who have a proven track record of success in planning and implementing a number of measures for the betterment of public spaces. The goal of this TAP will be to evaluate and identify current programming and resources to further activate the open and public spaces on Library Square. The TAP will also evaluate and recommend potential additional cultural amenities for the area. The TAP will be supported by a stakeholders group convened by the Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance and the Utah Chapter of the Urban Land Institute.

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