Casa Milagro

100 S 600 W
Salt Lake City, UT 84111


CATEGORY: Residential

Salt Lake City's west side has been the focus of many development projects over the last several years. With Alta Gateway recently completed, and West Gateway Commons not far behind it, the Rio Grande neighborhood is well on its way. Centro Civico, is a non-profit that serves the Hispanic community through educational, social, and athletic programming. They have proposed affordable housing for the aging population here in Salt Lake City just west of The Gateway. The proposed project includes 61 units that will be a mix of studio, one, and two-bedroom. The majority of units will be income restricted. Centro Civico also plans to build a new community center that will include retail space, classrooms, athletic facilities, museum, and art gallery. Because the project will bring much needed affordable housing to the Rio Grande neighborhood, the Salt Lake City Council is considering approving a low-interest loan to help the project get off the ground.