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Downtown is booming but demand still outpaces supply

Like the rest of the state, downtown Salt Lake City is benefitting from the region’s healthy economy.  More people live and work downtown than ever before.  But according to local real estate experts and representatives from the Downtown Alliance, despite the boom, the supply downtown isn’t catching up to the demand and more development is needed in the city’s central business district to accommodate the growing demand for housing and office space.

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Council's budget will fund transit and housing expansion

For several years now, the Salt Lake City Council has identified transit and affordable housing as council priority items, but thanks to new revenue sources, the council will have the funds to pursue some of its housing and transit goals.  On Tuesday, June 12 the council unanimously approved the fiscal year 2018-2019 budget that, in addition to housing and transit, will also increase services for park maintenance and public safety.

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Report shows Salt Lake renters aren’t getting the amenities they want

Salt Lake is experiencing a surge in market rate and higher-end apartments as supply tries to catch up to the demand, but according to a new report from Apartment List, an online rental marketplace, there isn’t only a gap in the supply, but in the amenities renters want and the amenities developers are providing.

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